About Orienteering

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© Kotangens – Fotolia.com

Orienteering is known for being a competitive sport that involves racing and the mastery of navigation skills.  It may be an international sport but there are still some parts of the world whose knowledge about orienteering is still at a limited range.

The Pacific Northwest Orienteering or PNWO provides sets of information about orienteering.  Its information extends from beginner’s info to different courses and up to rendition of community services.

PNWO signifies the importance of mastering one’s navigation skills such as map and compass reading prior to presenting oneself as a volunteer or participant in an orienteering festival, given that most courses and trails are unfamiliar to the contestant and the usual tracks taken by the participants are parks and forests.

The site also discussed different orienteering techniques that the participant can utilize during the whole orienteering course.   Along with these techniques is the importance of teamwork especially when joining an orienteering activity in groups.

The Pacific Northwest Orienteering discussed its history as well in order to impart its beginning and how it progresses to its current status.  PNWO provides information regarding the different clubs where participants can obtain data and answers to whatever questions they have with regards to orienteering activity, especially to those who are still in their novice stage.

Some events of the orienteering festival are also tackled to give the participants an idea on what course and type of events they should enroll themselves at.

Orienteering is a great and new way to seek for adventure together with friends and families, but it would be better to carry a complete set of knowledge before involving oneself to such activity in order to know the necessary steps and helpful tips especially when winning steps up to the topmost part of your list.  Preparation counts and PNWO can help you in this stage.