Pacific Northwest Orienteering Major Events

Major Events

Major events of orienteering clubs vary from time to time since it started. It does trigger a lot of excitement among aspiring participants. However, in order for them to be allowed to participate in the said event, it is necessary that they will settle first their registrations.

In the event, a camp area is provided and reserved for the staff and the volunteers. All sorts of activities are set in place, examples of which are Early Fun Sprint and Fishtrap Lake Goat activities. Also included are fun relays as well as model event. There is also an inclusion of recreational courses to attract course explorers. Any changes of events often depend on the event organizers, and usually activities are set in place from morning until afternoon for continuous fun.

Open spaces are often utilized to put up some sort of obstacle courses for the orienteers. This activity require the participant to be physically and mentally prepared as it will demand a lot of energy in order to complete the courses and patience in order to understand the maps that have been given by the organizers to finish the game.

Being attentive with the rules of the game is a huge factor of winning it. Mostly, games will be filled with starts and finished and involves orienteering signs that the team have to look out for.

Organizers carry the responsibility for placing first aid, restrooms and first aid during the events. Drinking water is also expected to be available at the finish and start of the course as well as portable toilets that are conveniently placed around the meet center.

Still, players need to pay attention to their actions as some locations will be stony, rocky, while wooded areas that would contain snakes and other animals.

Reading and following is important to keep oneself in the game and guidelines include the wearing of appropriate clothing and footwear in order to be able to blend with the terrain and surrounding where the event will take place.