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A history involving a series of multi-sport completion, the Pacific Northwest Orienteering established as dynamic theme every year wherein it involves new set of challenging and improved events that would motivate and challenge both the volunteers and organizers. Prior to joining the Pacific Northwest, participants are required to pay their entrance fee.

The festival usually happens for five days and is handled by various sponsors. In the year 1998 the U. S individual relay was one of the activities. of the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival history and organizers have sent out invites to probably volunteers and participants. Invites to possible volunteers and participants were sent by organizers of the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival history.

The invitation underlined the goal of the event to come out with fun and interesting courses for orienteers which challenges not just the physical but also the mental capacities of volunteers, and at the end of the day, results will be posted online.

The event continued to push through in various countries and has included numerous types. Various games were played and rules implemented and usually, it involves elite competitors that are seeking and aiming for national titles.
Flow of events usually involve walking in a natural setup, testing the scenery while following a schedule that was already laid out for the orienteers and during the main event, it usually makes use of maps that will ask the volunteers to visit as many controls as possible. The said task demands physical and technical challenges and every event prepared will be in preparation for the upcoming tasks that will be up ahead.

As events evolved so does the map which evolves into a bigger and more advance one that will challenge both individual and group skills.

Goals will also include finding a way to provide interesting courses that will foster interaction among participants. Before the participants will receive a topographic map which will help them to finish the task, they will then be asked to bring along compass, protractor type in order to be able to map out each location. Players were also asked to wear long sleeves, lightweight boot including socks to ensure safety of body parts, as well as watch to keep track of the time.