Pacific NorthWest Orienteering Community Service

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Community service has been included in some of the orienteering clubs and it is packed with exciting activities and adventures, and participants are people from all ages and walks of life. The orienteering idea coincides with training people into providing guiding and support and this is present in the idea that is promulgated by the founders, staff as well as the volunteers.

To be helpful with the orienteering club’s community service, participants are tasked to undergo the beginner course trainings both for individuals as well as family members and as they continue they can progress and become efficient by taking the advanced courses in order to improve their technical and physical capabilities both in large and small groups.

In order to provide assistance, A Google calendar usually has been set up as well as a scheduled page for the volunteers to keep track of the recent items and events.

Volunteers for the community events will be tapped to help out at various sectors such as recreation centers, reservoir for the annual volunteer appreciation event, and preparation for the potluck social including the street scramble as well as other street exploration tasks at the location that has been picked for the event. Also, a list which present the events, clinics to be helped with, and public review will be provided.

More than just the fun and excitement, volunteerism is a valuable factor for a smooth sailing festival.

There is however the need to learn navigation skills using a map and a compass when planning to join the orienteering as well as the orienteering club’s community service. This is due to the fact that during the event, GPS receiver system will not be allowed.

The basic to advance orienteering skills are needed and those who are willing to be teachers for the orienteering events can register in order to share their talents and be of help to the whole event.