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© Oleg Mitiukhin -
© Oleg Mitiukhin –

Learning more about the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival can be done by gathering sufficient information on what it is all about in addition to the available information about the Pacific Northwest Orienteering regional club info. Various regional clubs have been established and each contains series and chapters of details which pertain to the orienteering festival. Cascade, CTOC, EWOC, CROC, and SAMM are just some of the regional clubs which can also be a source of information. They held the responsibility for planning the orienteering festival per year and ahead of time and they come up with preliminary plans that will last for several days in order to be prepared for the coming months.

In order to get the necessary information and be oriented on the how’s of pricing and sizing, interested volunteer can contact the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival regional clubs.

Each year the organizations and regional clubs have their own anniversary which also provides an opportunity to discuss some subject matters and proceed to its annual elections. Members can bring old photos, maps as well as club t-shirts during this regional club meet and in order to stay updated with the forthcoming events, members can visit the official website of the organization.

Here is a list of some of the top Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival regional club info:

The Bellingham, WA

The Chuckanut Orienteering club resides in here and it contains 10 members. For further information regarding this regional club one can visit their website the Chuckanut website and contact their main personnel through this number (( 360-299-1010) the website will also provide details regarding their current mailing address.

One of the top regional clubs in the festival is the City of Trees Orienteering Club. In cases where further details are needed, Sergey Velichko is the person to contact. The club is located at Corvallis, OR. Other organizations that are part of the orienteering festival include the Oregon Cascades Orienteering Klubb, and Ellensburg Orienteering Club which is currently not active as of the moment. Another part of the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival regional club is the Kootenay Orienteering Club which is also a part of the info sources and can be contacted using their email address; Cascade COC which handles the highest number of members which is around 140; Eastern Washington Orienteering club which is based on Spokane, they have 50 members including the Nisqually Orienteering Club which is based on Tacoma. Unfortunately, Nisqually members are no longer active and have merged with groups in Cascade or Sammamish Orienteering clubs.