Orienteering Benefits for Children



Whether we like it or not, technology has extended its effects on children’s perception of play and fun. Usually, the illustration would cover the four indoor corner points which more likely involve virtual play. It may not comprise an aspect of total negativity; however, it is also undeniable that some growth and development particularly with their corresponding age levels will be at a limited range.

The challenge now most especially for the parents or guardian is on how to balance the child’s activity in order to cater a wider range of learning and social skills development.

Orienteering activity can be considered as part of the list when it comes to bringing the child outdoor without the part of eradicating the fun part.

Orienteering can also be included in the category of outdoor education by which a child is able to receive a holistic approach in fostering his growth and development, may it be in the field of education, leadership, problem-solving, or personal development.

Orienteering allows the child to explore and connect with nature, oneself, and other people as well. Nature itself has a lot in store for learning, starting from the different living to non-living things which could offer a variety of information to the child – names, characteristics, classifications, and among others. Orienteering will also open an alley for the child to interact with other participants and facilitators which could later mold his social and communication skills. In some events of the orienteering activity, there might arise an opportunity wherein the child will be involved in a specific event which requires teamwork and exertion of leadership skills.

In most cases, where the child will follow a course, proper orientation is required for him to successfully finish the set trail. Any lapses done during navigation, the child will held himself reliable for it as he has nobody else to inject the blame on. Such process can develop and enhance the child’s personal, emotional, and psychological development. This will also contribute to his problem-solving skills especially when caught in a situation which calls for immediate decision making.

Orienteering offers a more natural way of engaging oneself into play and at the same time, gaining a memorable and enjoyable experience. In addition, it also helps a child to become more independent in various aspects.

As parents and guardians, it is necessary to anticipate the needs of the child who aspires to join an orienteering activity, this includes ensuring the child’s basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, as well as providing a guarantee that the child is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed such as navigation skills, orienteering techniques, and information on what the activity is all about.