Orienteering Techniques

© Enrico Rovelli - Fotolia.com
© Enrico Rovelli – Fotolia.com

In order to get ahead of the game, various orienteering techniques have to be studied well. There is a need for the volunteer to review the sample map to be able to understand what kind of orienteering techniques they have to undertake so as to make sure that they would survive the orienteering events.

There are seasons where orienteering techniques were focused on a particular orienteering club as well as the offered map which includes its location.

The orienteering techniques that one has to have in order to thrive at the events are usually around nature. Volunteers would usually encounter vegetation on various parts of the map and terrain that was given. It is expected that volunteers will have mapping skills and the ability to know how to make use of a compass and other mapping materials. The orienteering techniques usually involve forest survival skills, ability to run and stay strong for long walks, and the passion to solve given tasks in order to upgrade skills for the next tasks up ahead.

Camping and teamwork is also part of the event and some rules that will be given when countering embargoed areas. The competitors who wish to be eligible for awards and rankings need to pass the information about the terrain with their competitors and be vigilant and observant enough when it comes to the trail ahead to foster participation on the roads and campgrounds.

Some tasks may further test the abilities of participants especially in times where basic need such as water is nowhere to be found along the course, which is why it is advisable for contestants to bring their own drinking water. There may also be times where participants have to swim in the river as part of the challenge.

Usually, festivals or events in orienteering would last for 5 days of fun and adventure. Within the given days, certain tasks will be given and should be fulfilled in order to complete the intermediate courses, become an expert at the craft, and later enter the national championships.